Hey 🌈,there lovely🌹, I’m, what i am.
First of all: I am so glad you’re here🙏.

I don’t have any name, gender and nationality. So that i picked a word Chu’saq (Quechua language) which means state of nonexistence. I experience change in myself every moment and want to show shadow of my light from here.

Who am I, so far ?

So let’s get to know each other a little better. Here’s what am i so far …

#dhamma💧: I came in contact with the technique of Vipassana meditation and it has found its way into my daily routine. Living the life of dhamma, in line with the law of nature, has brought me so much wisdom and continues to benefit me in the most profound ways. It shows me how every moment of my day is an opportunity to practice the art of living.

travel 🐾I’ve lived out of a suitcase as a full-time nomad for the past 4 years.Without any judge had so many connections with people and places.This kind of life creating spontaneously experience every time and become more than one, and be a one as a vital.#write 🖊Pencil and blank paper create an opportunity for expression of inner world to the outer. I am trying to share all my feelings, thoughts and experiences.

yogaddict: 🕉While yoga has been a part of my life for almost 5 years now, it wasn’t until last year that it found a steady place in my daily schedule and started to transform my life in unimaginable ways.

music 🎵Did you ever think about what would life be without music? I am feeling this reflections of harmony, bodiless beauty for long time and started to create in my everyday life. I always have minimum 3 instruments on me and ready to jam and create reality with my body through instruments .

juggler 🤹‍♀️mastering the art of concentration and absorbing information is the major part of life. Me learning to learn with juggling practices,fire-poi dancing to enhance my living with increased focus.

So there, I am all about creating space. To grow, to inspire, to love, to celebrate, to nourish, to marvel and to just LIVE.
I intend to share all in internet platform.You can see all my wokings (photograph, Music videos, Juggling videos and writings) just here and on my Blog , so we can empower and support each other as we ride the waves of life like a surf gods!🎈🦋🌸


‘Dünya pek büyüktü. En çok bildiğim ülkeyle, kendi ülkemle söze başlamalıydım. Ama benim ülkem de pek büyüktü. Kentimle başlasam daha iyi olacaktı. Ama, kendi kentim de çok büyüktü. Sokağımdan başlasam daha iyi olacaktı. Hayır kendi evimden; hayır, kendi ailemden başlamalıydım. Neyse unutun bunları. Kendimi anlatarak söze başlayacağım’.
Bu hesaptaki paylaşımlar, Benin dijital ortama izdüşümüdür.Işığımın gölgesidir. Seninle içsel bir serüvene çıkacağız.Bu benim yolum, kendi köprülerimi nasıl kurdum? , kuruyorum ve yıkıyorum.
Serüveni bol nefesler olsun.